Dear Boston Sports Teams

Dear Boston Sports Teams – namely, the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins,

Please stop winning.

As a lifelong Boston fan, the amount of titles you four have brought to Boston have completely desensitized me to winning, punctuated most recently, just this year, by the most dominant Red Sox team in history.

I know I come across as a typical Boston fan. “You always find something to complain about.” But, if anything, majority of fans will agree with my sentiment that Boston simply wins too much. Surely, this is not a hot take across America right now.

Since 2000, you four teams have brought eleven titles to Boston. This has many people nicknaming the city “Titletown.” This is unabashed, absolute arrogance by us. We’ve lost all our manners. We don’t remember what it feels like to lose.

During this year’s championship run by the Red Sox, in which they won 119 games over the entire season, second most ever by a championship team in history, everyone said the Yankees would beat Boston. Nope. Surely, the defending championships Astros would knock Boston out. Nope. The Dodgers were World Series losers last year, this has to be their year. Nope.

In the 2017 Super Bowl, the Patriots were down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons. Finally, people said, finally the Patriots will lose embarrassingly to the delight of every non-Patriot fan in America. But no, they had to go on a 31-0 run to win the Super Bowl in overtime.

I thank the NFL gods for the Patriots’ loss in last year Super Bowl to the Eagles. The loss humbled us, reminded us, hey, sometimes we don’t win.

I miss the days from 1986 when Bill Buckner became a Red Sox hero and let a groundball go through his legs, just so the 2004 Red Sox championship would be even sweeter.

It has come to the point where we expect championships instead of enjoying them. Even New York and Los Angeles, championship magnets, can’t keep up with us. We can only celebrate so much. So, Boston, please stop winning. You’ve ruined our cursed culture.

A numb Boston fan

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